Beginning things

So here we go….

Wrestling-inspired faith.  I’m sure the title itself gives you an idea of what this blog will be about.  Or not.  But I do know this about me: I’ve been involved in the sport of wrestling (the real kind!) since I was 4, and faith, as much as it’s comforting for me and does matter, it’s usually a struggle for me.  And so this blog is borne out of wondering: “Is it the same for others?”

Because I think it is, at least in what I’ve experienced from people – heard in their stories, their hopes, their struggles, what frustrates them.  Seen in their personal battles – jobs, school, sports, relationships, themselves.  Life is a challenge sometimes.  It take courage to step on that line, and to have faith that whatever the outcome, it doesn’t define who you are, but the experience is worth the effort, is life-giving for you and for others…because it’s honest, it’s real.  Kind of like a wrestling match.

My hopes for this blog?  I hope folks journey along with me, and honestly interact with the blog.  This isn’t so much me imparting ideas on folks, but me as a coach wanting to create real conversation that seeks a deeper understanding of the world, and what I means to live in it as a person of faith.  (By the way, that faith for me is distinctly Lutheran/Christian….but whether your agnostic, Jew, atheist, Muslim: your faith matters here too!)

That’s the struggle…good conversation with people.  I’ve found honesty and openness is hard-fought.  People say they want it, but few are willing to engage in it, instead favoring to find only people who think exactly the same as they do.  I live in such a place….and unfortunately, part of this blog is a response of frustration and a bit of anger on my part to such “openness.”  A real community where real conversation means you can be open and honest, and know the difference in outcomes don’t have to kill the relationship.

Ok, that’s enough for now…..we’ll see where this goes.  In the meantime, I want to know: “What’s your biggest frustration in conversing with others about life’s issues or faith’s issues?”


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