Memorial Day….the day after.

I’m always interested in the day after.

It’s always the day after a holiday that catches my attention the most. I wake up in the morning, and for the most part, not a whole lot has changed. Take this morning for instance. I got up, went for my morning run, and now I’m about ready to head off to work at my internship church for the day. A pretty routine day if I must say.

But, when I think about what we were observing, what we were remembering and celebrating yesterday, is any day routine? I always have an affinity for Memorial Day….honor, duty, integrity, commitment understood through the eyes of personal sacrifice will always draw me in. It’s what drew me to go to the Naval Academy and spend 8+ years in the U.S. Navy. And on a day like Memorial Day, I’m naturally drawn to give thanks, to pay honor and respect due to those who in the name of such values I mentioned above, at the cost of sacrificing time with families and a life of comfort and stability. And regardless your political or ethical stances on war, our country’s foreign policy and use of military power, I think all people should give thanks for those who daily choose to place themselves in harm’s way for the sake of protecting and defending ideals, and the notion that that people have a right to exercise such ideals, like choice, freedom, safety. Come to think of it, I can think of another who “made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made human in likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death – even death on a cross.”

I’m not trying to sensationalize military service. But when we examine such service, I wonder if we can’t characterize it as Christ-like in some ways. The sobering reality is that it’s difficult, messy, and well, necessary. In a world where we as Americans don’t see (or choose not to see) some of the ugliness that exists in the rest of the world, there are some who feel convicted and called serve others in this way. And honestly, it connects to anyone who serves “God, country and their fellow man,” because they believe they are furthering a cause for freedom and life for people, regardless of agendas or complications. And we see the effects on these men and women who serve….in both good and tragic ways.

And while I appreciate yesterday, the time to relax and enjoy the freedom I do have, and those who are out “standing the watch,” I’m more keyed in on today – the day after. So on this day after, let us give thanks – everyday – for those who serve and work to promote peace, freedom, and safety for all people.

I’d love if you’d share a comment on a loved one or someone you knew, who served – whether civil service, military service, etc. that you thought of this Memorial Day, and who you thank daily for their sacrifice!



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2 responses to “Memorial Day….the day after.

  1. Carol Pilgrim

    Hi Aaron –

    Enjoyed reading your message about the day after. We so often put all your thoughts into a holiday and forget that the rest of the year are continued holidays. I liked your connection with Christ and Memorial Day. He certainly lead the way in showing what sacrfice is all about. Looking forward to hearing all about your wedding from Pastor Chris.

    Carol Pilgrim

  2. Reblogged this on wrestlinginspiredfaith and commented:

    Reposting this….for the day before, the day after, and every day….

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