A Perspective on Faith….from the Olympic level.

So one of my favorite athletic events is coming up: the Olympics!  While I’ll be working in every way to watch wrestling whenever they decide to show it, I love the Olympics the most because of some of the awesome stories that come from the athletes and their journey, to prepare for 3 years for this one moment.

I came across such a story in the Minneapolis StarTribune today.  It’s about Kara (Wheeler) Goucher, who ran Cross-Country about the same time as I was in high school.  She’s been a successful runner at every level, recently qualifying for the Olympics in London this year. 

Yet Goucher, like most athletes, and most people, struggles with issues of self-worth, image and confidence.  Yet, Goucher is unlike most athletes, and most people, in that she’s learned to be open about these struggles.  In her openness, she’s found transformation for herself. 

I can resonate with that too….because as someone who competed athletically, and now coaches, I see such struggles a lot – in myself and in my athletes.  And for me, that is where my faith comes in…..the courage to be vulnerable and acknowledge our weakness, because that is what frees us to live as God intended.  It allows us to be fully who we are.  Honestly, it is why faith matters for me….which has been my theme lately.  But I’ll share my story later.

As for Kara Goucher, I’ll let her story speak for itself.  I find it inspiring and hopeful, and I’ll be one of many rooting for her in London this year.  In case you didn’t click on it above, you can click here now to get her story.


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