Remembering & 9/11…..a small thought for today.

I will always be reflective on days like today, 9/11.  Part of that is probably due to my service to this country as a member of the Armed Forces….but another part is because I believe remembering and reflecting on the events of 11 years ago tells us something about God and the nature of faith.  So here’s a small snippet, some “food for thought” as you continue on your day:

As the events of 11 years ago fade from our memories, as we move on with life, it’s important to remember.  Remember that terror always exists in the world to hold us captive – not just people flying planes into buildings either.  It’s kids bullying other kids in schools, families who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, people with deep-seated fears of being alone, spouses and children who hold their breath everytime their loved one goes in harm’s way to serve another (medics, police, firefighters, not just military).

And it’s remembering that being freed from that terror always comes with great effort and cost – and at the center is faith, faith that gives courage to enter into suffering, tragedy and terror in order to bring reconciliation and hope into the world.  It’s faith that God demonstrates in the person of Jesus Christ, Son of God, who went before us out of faithfulness to us. 

I give thanks today, to remember that terror and tragedy never have the final word.  Grace, hope, reconciliation, and love – the very Word of God – does.


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