Why we do what we do.

Yesterday, while checking Facebook, this picture was posted to my timeline:


Under it, the caption: “Hands down the best coach I’ve had in my entire life. Big thanks to him for everything he’s ever done for me.”

I think about all the young men I’ve come across in my time as a coach – from my last semester at the Naval Academy, up and down the East Coast (from Maine to South Carolina), and here now at Augsburg College. Along the way, I’ve had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and have had the honor to coach some great people, who are doing some great things.

– A set of twins I coached are Officers in the U.S. Marine Corps.
– A bunch of them are starting and running their own businesses.
– One is making his debut fight with Bellator, a major MMA company.
– Many have gone onto and graduated college, and gotten married and have started families.
(Yikes, I’m getting old!)

This is just a short list…there are so many others I’m probably leaving out. My point is that well, reminders like this remind me why I do what I do with my life. I’m reminded that God is indeed using me to be a life-giving agent in the world, in my own unique way. It reminds me that every person I come across in my wrestling coaching, my ministry at my internship congregation, and even in this coffee shop I’m writing in right now, I am not only sharing the gospel and my faith through my own unique witness, but I am also seeing more fully and clearly the ways God is working in the world right now. And that gives me tons of hope, joy, peace….a lot of good things, really.

Leaders, coaches, pastors, youth directors, teachers, nurses….all of you who lead through service to others, I hope you receive those little reminders, of why you do what you do with your life. It’s especially important in this time I call the “January/February grind.” It’s that time we all wait for spring & warmer weather; for wrestling coaches, it’s the hardest part of the season usually.

Back to reminders…take this blog post as one of them. What you do is so important – God is working in and through you, inspiring people through your work and witness. I’m energized by the ways you’re impacting lives & pointing to the hope God has for us right now – you’re an inspiration to me!


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January 25, 2013 · 8:43 am

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