The Transfiguration Sermon I’ll never preach.

em>For some reason, I decided to write a sermon for this Sunday, known as Transfiguration Sunday. It’s a weird story, a weird celebration of the Church…but for some reason I felt compelled to speak. Or write, I suppose.

Here’s the funny thing: I’m not preaching this Sunday. And, I doubt I would ever preach this sermon ever in a church for lots of reasons: unhealthy self-disclosure, too “dark” and cynical, it’s rough and unpolished, etc. Perhaps I really just wrote it for me, because of what’s going on in my life right now.

And so, here’s the “sermon” I wrote. I’ve always been hesitant to post a sermon….seems narcisstic. And, you never get the full weight of delivery, the spoken word. But, perhaps I do because it’s healing in some way, and well, I feel compelled to share with you.

Thanks for taking time to read this, and all my posts, folks.

Transfiguration Sermon_Mom<



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2 responses to “The Transfiguration Sermon I’ll never preach.

  1. Kerri Clark

    Thanks for sharing, Aaron. Peace to you.


  2. George Wadzita

    Aaron, it sounds like you “get” the ambiguity and the mysteries of faith in ways only your life experiences can convey. So sorry for your losses, but rejoicing in your gains of marriage, ministry and meaningful messages. We were blessed with both of your presence this weekend.

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