Actions are louder than Words….always.

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing…in fact, I’ve been slaving away at a 20+ page thesis, my final assignment in my seminary coursework, and prior to graduation in May. Four years later, I’ve finally reached the end!

Anyway, yesterday’s events have blown me away….as an athlete, for something to happen at the Boston Marathon, it feels like a direct attack on my own soul. To be blunt, I just don’t have any words right now…….

And maybe, that’s a good thing. My Facebook news feed and email have been blowing up with all sorts of responses to the events in Boston. Considering my line of work, a lot of it is theological, religious, and pastoral. Some of it is good, some of it I’m neutral on, and some of it just down right disgusts me.

I wonder, if at this time, actions don’t speak louder than words. As church leaders, and maybe as people of faith in general, we call people to all sorts of action, but don’t actually do anything ourselves. We just talk….and our inaction is deafening, especially in light of such actions like the Westboro Baptists have planned.

In my world, actions always speak louder than words. I’m tired of words. So I’ll stop now….I’m off to love, live, work, play….you name it, in ways that place faith in and witness to God’s hope and redemption in such a crazy world as this, where stuff like this happens all over the world.

There’s no time for talk. I hope you’ll join me.



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2 responses to “Actions are louder than Words….always.

  1. Kendall

    And yet, we cannot discount the sheer power words have. Westboro hasn’t even done anything about these upcoming funerals yet, but their words have meaning because of their tradition of picketing anything and everything.
    I agree, that living and loving and working and playing are wildly important, but sometimes it takes a pastoral and/or passionate voice to name that which is evil, whether it be a disillusioned group of people that call themselves a church or the malicious plotting of planting explosive devices in trash cans.
    You and I, my friend, we live what we believe (or at least we strive to). But as public leaders who have the trust of many in our own flocks, we are often called to put words along side our own action. Here are some loaded words that I want to use today, tomorrow, and beyond: pursue justice, work towards forgiveness, and always live in love.
    You know me, that these words are not simply wind. For me, and for you, words have deep power; power made even deeper by our actions.
    Impose your will on that thesis, and if you need another reader, you’ve got my digits.
    Peace be with us each.

    • I get you buddy. I guess it’s more the “words without action” thing for me. But then stuff like this give me hope.

      Words do have power…..but not for the sake of just saying it from the sideline and never jumping in the game.

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