Memorial Day….the day after.

Reposting this….for the day before, the day after, and every day….


I’m always interested in the day after.

It’s always the day after a holiday that catches my attention the most. I wake up in the morning, and for the most part, not a whole lot has changed. Take this morning for instance. I got up, went for my morning run, and now I’m about ready to head off to work at my internship church for the day. A pretty routine day if I must say.

But, when I think about what we were observing, what we were remembering and celebrating yesterday, is any day routine? I always have an affinity for Memorial Day….honor, duty, integrity, commitment understood through the eyes of personal sacrifice will always draw me in. It’s what drew me to go to the Naval Academy and spend 8+ years in the U.S. Navy. And on a day like Memorial Day, I’m naturally drawn to give thanks, to…

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