“Christianization” & Kid Bishop: Backlash

Well, it seems my previous post caused a stir with a few folk. I accept that; again, it’s what I get for my rash response, and somewhat insensitive one. However, I did get this comment:

As my grandson said, “IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!!” Cannot imagine how someone so mean and judgemental of a child barely 9. years old coud become a Lutheran pastor. Think about wrestling or boxing. You need to release your hypocrisy.

Well, there ya go……and I say, “fair enough.”

I did e-mail her back though. Here’s my response. To all of you, regarding my original post: “Am I out of line?”


Thank your for you passionate comment. I understand from your place, how you would understand my comments.

Please hear me out on this: my attack isn’t on your grandson. I’m sure the makers of this video did it in good faith, and with the best of intentions. I’ve gotten such comments and I understand where they come from.

I just wonder: how does such a message look to outsiders? As a minority, I am offended in some ways that our ELCA, that wants to celebrate diversity, rather than celebrate the message of a “secular” voice, a young African-American boy, feels the need to put out a “better message.” A “Christian” message. And from an ELCA that is VERY white, I found it hypocritical of the message of diversity the ELCA prides itself on.

This is not an attack on your grandson, ma’am….this is not his message, in my eyes. He plays the part he was asked to play well. I only hope those the made the video would consider the message they are sending to a world that finds us hypocritical and insensitive to the needs of others, particularly non-Christians. I think we need to honor a world God is present and active in, and that means those skeptical of Christian faith, rather than think and believe it our mission to save it and them with our Christian works and service. It goes to the integrity of not only the Lutheran tradition, but the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Again, I don’t want to change your feelings; they are yours and you have every right to voice them. In fact, I appreciate and thank your for them. However, I cannot apologize for my own stance & criticism – criticism not of your grandson, but of the messages of exclusivity and piety we inadvertently perpetuate.

The ELCA is a place of respectful conversation, even in disagreement. If you would like to converse further, I would welcome it. If not, I wish God’s blessings upon you.

Aaron Fuller



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3 responses to ““Christianization” & Kid Bishop: Backlash

  1. Looking for justification? Jesus said that if you confess your sins to him it is Just As If I Had Never Sinned.. You can be justified.

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