A Lutheran Honeybadger?!?!

A couple years ago, a video narration about the animal the Honeybadger appeared on YouTube.  It’s pretty popular, and still is.

Anyway, I’ve always found the Honeybadger pretty amusing and hilarious. It sort of fits my persona (watch the video if you’re lost at this point). And, it’s kinda funny to say, “Honeybadger don’t care; Honeybadger does what he wants” in response to the absurd and frustrating things in life.

Anyway, a joke has sort of arisen out of this during my time at seminary….a few of my friends have sort of resigned to my “Honeybadger” persona, probably because they’re tired of me saying, “Honeybadger don’t care” to everything. In fact, one good friend referred to me in his ordination program as “Friend, Honeybadger.”

This got me thinking though: All these qualities about the Honeybadger – being who he is, not caring what others thing, saying and doing what he wants, doing what he does…the Honeybadger is LUTHERAN. Think about it:

– Honeybadger is a theologian of the cross. He calls a thing what it is.
– Honeybadger feels free to do what he wants. He must believe in justification by grace.
– Honeybadger is willing to suffer – going into beehives, fighting cobras – because there’s something good to be found there. He is definitely a theologian of the cross.
– Honeybadger likes to fight a lot.  He’s definitely a sinner.
– But Honeybadgers also work in pairs. (watch the Netflix documentary) Which means they understand the need for relationship – which is sort of like saintliness.

So, because everyone in the Church seems to be a “self-proclaimed” something these days: expert, theologian, biblical interpreter…you name it, I’m following suit; as of this day, I’m claiming my self officially as the

” Official, unofficial ELCA Lutheran Honeybadger.”

You’re probably wondering what this means.  First, just have fun with it…..HONEYBADGER doesn’t take life so seriously, and you shouldn’t either.  But I will say this:

As the “Official, unofficial ELCA Lutheran Honeybadger” I tend to be pretty blunt and honest about things; more than a bit of a pain in the ass, and I don’t shy away from conflict….and why not?  Isn’t that the way we’re supposed to be anyway?  Honest and courageous…..isn’t that what real love and grace is about?  And isn’t that something the church needs a little more of these days?  As a good friend of mine says, “While congregations probably all need a Honeybadger, not all congregations want a Honeybadger.”  Damn skippy.

So this Lutheran Honeybadger likes good, honest talk about theology, church, and well, life as well.  And again, I like a good fight.  Martin Luther was the same way….I bet he had a Honeybadger as a pet.  Seriously.

Or, maybe you think this is stupid….oh well. HONEYBADGER DON’T CARE. But God will always love you. : )


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