A New Adventure….sort of

So, here I am in Newport, Rhode Island for the next 5 weeks. After some discernment through seminary, I decided to re-enter the Navy as a Chaplain in the Active Reserves. There are a myriad of reasons for me doing this, which I won’t go into here, but I’ll just say it’s the start of a “new” adventure.

I say “new” because I’ve been through this before; if you’ve checked out my About Me, I graduated from the US Naval Academy and then served 8-plus years as a Submarine Warfare/Nuclear Power officer. So I have to admit, part of me is a little less than motivated to do the next 5 weeks – called “Navy ODS” or Navy Officer Development School.

But the fact is that I’m here. And so like in all things, it’s time to do a little attitude check. And that’s to see it as a life-giving opportunity rather than a life-sucking one….which for me means to live a bit more into what God is calling us through the gospel: to be life-giving people.

And so, I’m sure the challenges will be there (memorizing endless facts and regulations) but so will be the good moments: new relationships formed, new experiences made, and probably some really good sermon illustrations. I’ll be blogging from time to time in the next 5 weeks, sharing a story or two.

For the rest of you, perhaps my point today is do you own little attitude check…..because you never know what new adventure you’re missing….sort of.


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  1. Julie

    5 weeks without Kelly? I will stay tuned!! All the best, Aaron!

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