Observing Veteran’s Day in Worship: Yes or No?

Veteran’s Day is this Monday….and I will always take the time to honor military service while being honest about the realities of war…I hope you will too.


Earlier this week, Text this Week.com posed this question on their Facebook page: “I’m also thinking about “Veterans Day”/”Remembrance Day” this coming Sunday, and the many, sometimes strong and sometimes dismissive, thoughts and experiences people bring to this particular day in different countries and cultures. Any thoughts about what we do as communities of faith?”

The answers varied, and rightly so, on such a tricky subject – Do we or don’t we honor men and women who ultimately, participated in wars?  Wars….with violence and innocent deaths, started and carried on with political/religious powers and agendas behind them, highlighting the ugly side of humanity.  To recognize these people ultimately leads to a recognition of what they did, what they were participating in. 

Two choices are either don’t recognize them at all, or find some way to recognize them in a “love the sinner, but hate the sin” sort of way.  Both…

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