My New Year’s Resolution: The Project

Ok, as much as I ridicule New Year’s resolutions, I think I’m actually going to make a few this year. Let me get the first one out of the way: I’m going to resolve to eat better this year. I realize, at age 35, gone are the days when I could simply workout twice and day and eat McDonald’s. And, now that I’m realizing the limitations of my body, and having decided to stop actively wrestling live every day (at least with college kids), eating better is something I NEED TO DO.

Now onto my second resolution: I came across this blog post the other day, the author calling for the need to be more incarnational in progressive social media. I don’t disagree with his basic point – we spend too much time defending and promoting ideologies, while little concern for the relational and incarnational.

I’ve been reading a really good book lately by Andrew Root called “The Relational Pastor: Sharing in Christ by Sharing Ourselves.” It’s a must read I think for any leader really – pastor, coach, mentor…you name it. Andy calls for a turn away from the ideological towards the personal in our relationships. The relationships ARE the thing, not a means towards influencing people to accept and assimilate into an ideology.

Needless to say, it’s got me thinking…..thinking about how I live my life as a husband, sibling, friend, pastor and wrestling coach. And I’m going to take these thoughts one step further – rather than just write about being incarnational, I’m going to seek to be more incarnational with people.

I’m going to spend less time blogging about how we should be more inclusive/accepting/affirming/diverse/welcoming/vulnerable (add to the list as you wish!) and more time blogging about stories – relationships with people and what I’m learning from them.

Perhaps two things come out of that: I need to share more of those vulnerable and beautiful incarnational moments in life – the kind that move us, the kind where we experience God breaking in. And two, perhaps doing that is simply enough.

And to do that, I’m going to limit myself to two posts a month max – one from the wrestling mat, and one from the pastor’s arena.

Because I need to spend more time BEING incarnational. Because that is what ministry – and life – is all about.

Who’s with me?!


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