“Because He Lives” – An Easter Project

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow…..
Because He lives, all fear is gone……
Because I know, He holds the future…….
And life is worth the living,
Just because He lives.

You may have heard of this song before.  It was written in the 1970’s by Bill Gaither, a gospel singer-songwriter.  I prefer the David Crowder version. It’s a favorite of one of my two congregations.  It’s a pretty powerful song really, and you can probably see why it’d be a powerful Easter song!  In fact, we sang it at all of our Easter worship services.

I thought about the power and hope in the Easter story.  In fact, it’s not just a story, it’s something that I experience, something that completely shapes my life.  And I took it one step further: what if this became my confession as a Christian?  What if, because He lives……

….I can trust that I’m not such a crappy pastor and wrestling coach after all.
….people, not things, matter.
….life is a gift.

I thought of a few more….but then I thought: what if people were invited to make this confession as well?

And out of that: The “Because He Lives” Project.

On Easter Sunday, I invited folks to fill out notecards that had “Because He Lives” on them.  And then we posted those notecards up.

photo 1

If you want to understand in full what I was doing, you can read my Easter Sunday sermon.

Here’s my invitation to all of you:  Join the “Because He Lives” Project.

Over these next couple weeks of the Easter season,

1. Find a blank piece of paper.
2. Write “Because he lives….” on it.
3.   Complete the sentence.
4.  Write that thought on the paper.
5.  Hold the paper up, take a picture, and post it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  Use #becausehelivesproject

photo 2

If you want, you include me in it:
Twitter handle: @luthhoneybadger
Instagram handle: Lutheranhoneybadger

Invite others to join in!  I’d love to hear your confession why this Easter story matters to you.  Let’s keep the Easter good news going!! Said another way, STEAL THE IDEA. Besides, you never know who else is watching…someone who might hear a word of hope in your confession. Someone who needs to hear a word of hope in that Easter story.

Just like you do.




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4 responses to ““Because He Lives” – An Easter Project

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  4. Love this! Might use it next yr!⭐️☀️

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