Our Sept. 6th Community Service Event: What it is & How YOU can help!

Our churches are participating in the ELCA Week of Service, “God’s Work, Our Hands.”  Click on this link to learn more.

What are we doing specifically?

When: Saturday, Sept. 6th, 10am-2pm
Where: High Street, Downtown Portsmouth, VA

That day, the Olde Towne Business Association of Portsmouth is holding a Merchants’ Faire – Farmers’ Market, Antique Market, Sidewalk Sales, Food Trucks, and a Craft Beer Festival.  Just a great event to support local business….and support a local economy in the City of Portsmouth.

We decided that you know what?  People down there are going to get hot walking around.  And there might be some families down there as well.  So let’s give away some free bottled water and freeze pops.  We’ll set up shop in a parking lot, and if need be, we’ll pull a couple wagons or roll away coolers and walk around too.

We thought too: wouldn’t it be nice to offer some facepainting, and maybe a craft for the kids’ down there?  Watching your parents shop all day can get boring.

So that’s what we’re doing.  And if you’re reading this, we need your help.

Preparation & Donation: We need folks who are willing to help coordinate people and gathering materials and equipment needed to pull this thing off.  Things we need:

– Coolers
– Ice
– Cases of Bottled Water
– Case of Freeze Pops
– Materials for Facepainting
– Materials for a possible kids’ craft
– Red kids’ wagons

People we need:
– Volunteers to help pass out water and freeze pops
– Volunteers to paint faces and help with a craft
– People willing to donate items (you’ll get back things like coolers!) or donate money so we can purchase them.

I’ll be honest: it’s been difficult trying just getting to this point.  We finally got support from community organizers, so now we have TWO WEEKS to try to make this a reality!  We need your help!  But the point is this: “as Lutherans, we believe that through being a part of our community, and meeting needs of people in it, we’re ‘being church together’….regardless of who you are and what you believe!

You can comment here if you’d like to help, or contact our pastor, Aaron Fuller: pastor.adfuller@gmail.com or 612-963-8328





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