Sermons: “There’s gotta be another way.”

For you folks that actually visit this site, you know that I use it to post sermons sermons that Sunday afternoon or Monday morning after.  I’ve done that as an evangelism and faith formation tool…..perhaps some of you share a sermon with a friend or coworker, or maybe you read it the following week, maybe picking up on something that you didn’t on Sunday. Or maybe you fell asleep because well….it’s Sunday morning.  (Heck, sometimes I feel half asleep too, especially if I haven’t had my coffee)

Sermon-creation has gotten to be a bit tedious for me.  It has been ever since my first preaching class in seminary.  I struggle with what to say so often – most of the time wanting it to be relevant to what’s happening in our lives…..there’s a lot of stuff going on in our communities and world that well, I wonder what God is up to in all of it.  I wonder where God is making godself known.

So I’m going to try a new approach: no more posting the sermon manuscript.  Instead, I think I’m going to try something different, kind of like a Monday Morning Quarterback sort of deal.  I’m going to blog on Sunday night or Monday morning, raising a few questions about the text and themes from my sermon that might help keep it fresh for the rest of the week for you.  That means you’ll get a Reader’s Digest version of the sermon, and some thoughts afterwards.

I hope this helps you……and I hope it compels you to share your responses to questions as the week goes on. It’s also a place for you to ask questions of the text or something I said on Sunday that didn’t make any sense. Here’s the deal: it’s every pastor’s wish – and especially mine – to hear what you have to say, to hear those stories and examples where you see God at work in your life.

So here goes nothing.  There’s gotta be another way…..and I think this is it.


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