Weekend Word (5 Feb. 2015)

So Peter got out of the boat, started walking on water, and came toward Jesus. ~Matthew 14:29

You might know this story well; Jesus walks on water, coming to the disciples who were in a boat in the midst of a storm.  And we probably remember the part where Peter gets distracted by the storm, and starts sinking, and cries out for Jesus to save him, which Jesus does.  And Jesus says to him “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”
But we often forget that Peter was walking on water.  His focus was on Jesus; he was doing it.  That is what faith is for me: the assurance of what we cannot see for ourselves because of our brokenness and sin; what Jesus shows us in grace.  Faith isn’t some magical power that enables us to do great things – it is the revelation of who we truly are, children of God, freed by grace to live as God intended.
You are part of a sport where focus is rewarded.  Focus on the right things enable us to look past all the storms and distractions and lock in on what is truly good and life-giving.  When we do this, we’re freed – freed to enjoy the gifts God has given us: our abilities, our opportunities, and the relationships around us.
Focus in, and enjoy this opportunity….especially you seniors!
I write these devotions for the Old Dominion University Wrestling team, currently ranked #17 in the nation in NCAA Division I wrestling.

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