About This Blog

I blog primarily about things I learn in this life. To appreciate life and the God-given gift that it is, I believe it’s important to be self-reflective and to share what one learns with others. This blog is mainly an expression of those interactions I have with people who teach me so much about life and our part in it. 

What I write about is geared towards theological reflection, because at the heart of who I am is someone who wants to see God at work in the lives of others so I can learn how God is working in mine.   In theological circles this is known as Practical Theology, or theology done in context of one’s life and experiences. 

Because it is my life, it tends to be centered on issues of character and vocation. Who are we? What are we called to? It then works towards the question concerning issues of leadership: How do we get there?

I hope you enjoy reading, and learning. And if you’d be so kind so I can learn from you, share a comment or two! 


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